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MJ57 Dewaxed Decolored SHELLAC Flakes

Shellac is the general term for the refined natural polymer lac. Shellac
composition and quality depend on the raw material used and the refining
process. Our natural shellac flakes MJ57 are a dewaxed shellac, decolorized by
a solvent extraction process. The raw material is the secretion of the insect
Kerria yunnanensis.

Aqualacca® is a 25% aqueous shellac solution based on our shellac flakes
MJ57. This solution can be used directly or in diluted form and mixes well with
other polymers, plasticizers or pigments.

Properties of Aqualacca® and MJ57 shellac flake:
Very good film-forming properties
Good adhesion on many surfaces
Good surface hardness
Low evaporation and low oxygen permeability
High UV resistance
High gloss

Uses of Aqualacca® and MJ57 shellac flake:
Smell and taste masking
Protective layer against evaporation and oxidation
Enteric coating
Gloss coating of tablets, capsules, gums etc.
Use as an additive to food coloring.